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our untold story

Once upon a time, there was a woman who didn't believe in herself. She thought she needed a man to save her, to make her feel whole. But then, one day, she looked in the mirror and saw the truth: she was the heroine of her own story. She didn't need saving. She was strong, independent, and capable.

This woman was the inspiration for the Untold Story brand. We believe that every woman is the heroine of her own story, and that she doesn't need anyone to save her. We create lingerie that is designed to bring out the best in women, to make them feel confident and empowered. Our lingerie is flirty, cheeky, and daring - it's the kind of lingerie that makes you want to whisper your secrets to the wind.

We believe that some stories are best left untold. That's why we call ourselves Untold Story. We want our lingerie to be a secret that only those who "get it" will understand. We want our customers to feel confident and empowered, knowing that they are part of a special group of women who are not afraid to be themselves.

The Untold Story brand is about more than just lingerie. It's about a new way of thinking about women. It's about believing in ourselves, and knowing that we are strong, independent, and capable. It's about being the heroines of our own stories.

We are Untold Story, and we are here to empower women.

Lots of love


Founder of Untold Story


"Ellie has been a lingerie designer for nearly 10 years, working for renowned brands such as Coco de mer and M&S in her career. She decided to set up Untold Story during lockdown in 2020, and it has taken over 3 years to perfect the product. She wanted the brand to be affordable but still luxurious. Untold Story is like no other on the market. We are so excited for our story to be told."